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Architectural Planning/ Exercise 1


Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program)


Architecture and Civil Engineering


1st grade


Spring/Fall Semester



minami kazunobu

Course content

Research presentations and discussions on the following themes will be held in seminar format, and students will learn in a practical way how “architecture” is related to “technology” and “society.” In order to cultivate student communication ability necessary to pursue “architectural design” through collaboration by numerous related parties, the course will provide various opportunities, contents, and methods for learning according to the interests, abilities, personalities, and aptitudes of individual students.

(1) Research relating to architectural design theory and methods
In particular, research relating to development around train stations and vitalization of city centers, research relating to sustainable improvement methods for existing urban residential environments through resident and specialist collaboration, research relating to the planning, design, and administrative operation of theatres and halls.
(2) Practical research into open buildings in building construction planning
In particular, research relating to urban dwelling environment improvement through utilization of stock buildings such as office conversion and apartment complex renewal, research relating to changes over time and life cycle of architecture and dwelling environments, research relating to environmental performance assessment of infill remodeling of apartment complexes.
(3) Research relating to the development and control of urban architecture
In particular, practical research relating to mutual improvement of buildings, public spaces, and green spaces etc. comprising urban environments (targeting Shimbashi-Toranomon district).
(4) Research relating to facilities management, particularly utilization of building stock for large-scale organizations
In particular, research relating to planning methods for ultra-long term durability buildings, researching relating to large-scale renewal of public facilities.
(5) Research relating to quality assurance and commissioning method for public constructions
In particular, research relating to PFI application methods for quality assurance of public constructions.
(6) Research relating to changes in building construction method and the spread of technology.

Evaluation method and criteria

Students will be comprehensively evaluated based on presentations and discussions at each class conducted in seminar format.

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