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Architectual Design Theory and Method - Advanced


Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program)


Architecture and Civil Engineering


1st grade


Spring Semester



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Course content

This course will offer the advanced knowledge of the architectural design theory and methods based on the theory developed by Prof. Nicolas John Habraken. Studentswill learn how to apply the the theory in the design works.

All students are required to participate the PBL workshop from July 22nd to 26th, 2013.

Purpose of class

The purpose of this class is to acquire the knowledge of Open Building and skills apply it in arechitectural design practice.

Goals and objectives

1.Learn the bacic principles of the built environment
2.Develop the skill of creating architectural forms with variety
3.Learn how to work collaborating with other students through the PBL

Class schedule

1.Design Play 1 Conersationswith Form
2.Design Play 1 Conersationswith Form
3.Design Play Play 1 Hole in the Wall
4.Design Play Play 2 Exterio Transformations
5.Design Play Play 3 Between the Walls
6.Design Play Play 4 The Long House
7.Design Play Play 5 Don't Go Back
8.Design Play Play 6 Working with Architectural Systems
9.Design Play Play 7 Dialogue between Systems
10.Design Play Wrokshop 1
11.Design Play Wrokshop 2
12.Design Play Wrokshop 3
13.Design Play Wrokshop 4
14.Design Play Wrokshop 5
15.Design Play Review

Evaluation method and criteria

Presentation at the end of the PBL workshop.
(Participation to the workshop form July 22nd to 26th, 2013 is requierd.)

Textbooks and reference materials

DesignPlay a workbook for students of architecture by N. J.Habraken.
Copy of some pages of the text will be delivered to the students in the class.


Architectual Design Theory and Method in the Spring semester.
It is not allowed to take only Architectual Design Theory and Method -Advanced without taking Architectual Design Theory and Method.

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