gPBL in Europe


Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program)


Architecture and Civil Engineering


1st grade





minami kazunobu

Course content

The class will provide the opportunity of the workshop with the students of the University in Europe. Student will visit the University in China and/or work at SIT.

Purpose of class

The participants will acquire the skills to work with the students in different cultural background.

Goals and objectives

1. development of design skills in different culture
2. communication skills with foreign and domestic students
3.collaboration works in groups
4.understanding of the social aspects of the project
5.find the appropriate building technology in the given construction context

Class schedule

1.Explanation of the objectives and schedule
2.Understanding of the condition of the given site for the design
3.Schematic design
4.Schematic design
5.Schematic design
6.Schematic design
7.Midterm presentation
8.Design development
9.Design development
10.Design development
11.Design development
12.Design development
13.Design development
14.Preparation for the final presentation
15.Final presentation

Evaluation method and criteria

Midterm and final presentation

Textbooks and reference materials

To be explained in the classes


The students who have interests to take this class are kindly requested to report to the instructor in the first week of each academic year at SIT. This class may not be offered unless sufficient number of students is willing to take this class both at SIT and the partner university in Europe.

Office hours

Wednesday afternoon



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