Internship c


Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program)


Architecture and Civil Engineering


1st grade





motohashi kenji

morita masaru

minami kazunobu

akahori shinobu

nakamura hitoshi

Course content

There are 4 internship schemes. A unit of 2 weeks’ worth of internship work is counted as 2 credits, subjected to the recognition of the completion. The working days are not specified, however, it is preferable to concentrate working days rather than having gaps between them. During the internship, a student is to have 8 hours of practical work experience and 1 hour of private study (creating a report and memos etc.) per day or 8 hours of work experience per weekday and 5 hours of private study at the weekend.

Purpose of class

Under the guidance of an academic advisor a student is to learn practical knowledge and skills of architectural design or civil engineering. The internship consists of preliminary orientation and post-internship presentation in campus and actual internship at the workplace.

Goals and objectives

1.to learn practical knowledge and skills of architectural design or civil engineering

Class schedule

1.practical work experience
2.practical work experience
3.practical work experience
4.practical work experience
5.practical work experience
6.practical work experience
7.practical work experience
8.practical work experience
9.practical work experience
10.practical work experience
11.practical work experience
12.practical work experience
13.practical work experience
14.practical work experience
15.practical work experience

Evaluation method and criteria

Completion of a unit of internship is recognized by the final report (including the report in designated form) and an internship reporting presentation.

Textbooks and reference materials




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