Course title
Intellectual Property Rights

tanaka hideho
Class name
Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Propert
  • Patent right
  • Trade Secret
  • Research&Development
  • Collaboration
Course description
  This course deals with the management of intellectual property and is designed for engineer and scientist as a target. It also enhances the participant's capability in managing intellectual property at their laboratory. Through the program, participants will learn how to manage intellectual property for developing new products or services. Not only lectures, exercise and case discussion will be done in the class.
 The participants are expected to have basic knowledge of intellectual property rights, to have experiences of patent application or to have completed the "Basic Intellectual Property" course. If you worry about the knowledge level, please make contact with me.
Purpose of class
Knowledge about intellectual property is indispensable for the engineers and scientists who are involved in development of new products or services. Management of intellectual property is one of the core domain of MOT core curriculum. Also, the course is a compulsory elective subject for the student of strategic innovation leader course.
Goals and objectives
  1. to acquire the intellectual property right knowledge which is needed for management of technology
  2. to understand the basic intellectual property management
  3. to acquire the ability to manage intellectual property as a R&D manager
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. (face-to-face class)
Current issues of intellectual property management

 Survey the issues of intellectual property management and understand how it is important
Reading handout of design right and trademark right 180minutes
2. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Basics of intellectual property right system: Trademark right, Design right and Copyright

 Survey current status of each intellectual property right system
Review the class 180minutes
3. (face-to-face class)
Basics of intellectual property right system: Case study

 Case study related to Trademark right, Design right or Copyright
Reading case material 180minutes
4. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Basics of intellectual property right system: Patent right system

 Invention, Requirements for patentability etc.
Review the class 180minutes
5. (face-to-face class)
Basics of intellectual property right system: Patent right system

 Patent procedures, Prior art search (practice)
Review the class 180minutes
6. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Basics of intellectual property right system: Trade secret

 Survey unfair competition prevention act and trade secret comparing with patent right system
Reading case material 180minutes
7. (face-to-face class)
Strategic intellectual property management

 Case study: Discussion of the best use of various intellectual property rights in R&D and business
Writing case report 180minutes
8. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Patent Litigation

 Patent litigation system, inventive step and review of the judicial precedent relating to it
Reading case material 153minutes
9. (face-to-face class)
Inventive step and review of the judicial precedent

 Case discussion
Writing case report 180minutes
10. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Intellectual property management in laboratory
 What needed before the start of and during your research
Review the class 180minutes
11. (face-to-face class)
Intellectual property management in laboratory
 Problems on collaborative research
Reading case material 179minutes
12. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Policy on strategic standardization

To introduce the recent policy developments on strategic standardization, and to consider its utilization.(Prof. Takeda)
To consider the difference of IPR strategy (closed impacts) and standardization strategy 180minutes
13. (face-to-face class)
Invention disclosure form

 Group discussion and presentation of prepared invention disclosure form
Writing case report 180minutes
14. (face-to-face class/e-learning)
Generic products strategy

 Strategic management of the products which are not affected by the intellectual property right of original product
Review the class 157minutes
15. (face-to-face class)
How to protect the value of technology

Total review of the course and examination
Review the entire class 180minutes
Total. - - 2649minutes
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

1 2 3 Total.
1. 40% 30% 30% 100%
2. 0%
3. 0%
Total. 40% 30% 30% -
Evaluation method and criteria
Class attendance and discussion contribution in class: 60%、Term-end examination: 40%
Textbooks and reference materials
Will be available in the class
Reading newspaper articles related to intellectual property right daily
Course objectives
Office hours and How to contact professors for questions
  • Before and after each class
Relation to the environment
Non-environment-related course
Non-regionally-oriented course
Development of social and professional independence
  • Course that cultivates a basic problem-solving skills
Active-learning course
About half of the classes are interactive
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