Course title
Special Topic Study 1

tanaka hideho

kunii hideko

takeuchi keizo

takeda sadao
and more...

nakamura jun

hasegawa yutaka

hayashi ryuichi

machida hisashi

yasuoka takashi

kato kyoko

hirata sadayo
Course content
Conduct research investigation for the subject the student identified under guidance of main and sub instructors. Requirements to complete the course include 1) complete research report of the special topic study, and 2) present the contents of the report at the final evaluation meeting. This is mandatory course to complete for graduation.
In the first half of the year student is requested to identify research subject as a form of research questions, then expected to make a proposal to solve the questions.

Evaluation method and criteria
Student is requested to report his/her research subject and objectives to other students and instructors at several meetings in the first half of the year. Achievement of the course is evaluated by the contents of the presentation, presentation materials, and management of questions and answers during the presentation. Evaluation is made by main and sub instructors with weighting factor of 60% and 40%, respectively.

Scoring guidance level
Student has delivered required achievement. 60 points
Student has delivered required achievement with appropriate and logical background. 70 points
Student has delivered required achievement with appropriate and logical background by clearly showing its basis of understanding. 80 points


Textbooks and reference materials
Contact instructors for details.

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