Course title
Basic Research Topic Study 2

tanaka hideho

kunii hideko

takeda sadao

nakamura jun
and more...

hasegawa yutaka

hayashi ryuichi

yasuoka takashi

kato kyoko

hirata sadayo
Course content
This seminar is designed for the first-year graduate students to obtain basic knowledge and skills to plan/implement academic research in preparation for the seminar “Special Topic Study” in the following year.  The class consists of weekly small-group meetings in which students report their progress and discuss issues with/among other students and their instructor.  At the end of the class, students are expected to 1) identify a research question, 2) conduct literature review, 3) determine research methods, and 4) draw a research plan for the following year.
Evaluation method and criteria
Students are required to report their awareness of the problem and the research questions in front of other students and teachers on the occasion of debrief session during the academic year. Achievement is holistically evaluated on the basis of this year’s target for every student by his/her supervising teacher, taking quality level of report materials and interactive Q&A on debrief session into account.
Textbooks and reference materials
To confirm with supervising teacher
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