Course title
Japanese language 1

nakano jiro

hannya yoko
Course content
Japanese Language I is a beginner-level Japanese language course. Basic greetings in daily life, as well as simple Japanese grammar and sentence patterns will be explained through exercises in listening comprehension, reading comprehension and conversational practice. Furthermore, Japanese culture and practices will be introduced.

The contents and progression of each lesson can be tailored to suit the level and needs of each student.
Classroom lessons are given only in Japanese.
Purpose of class
You learn Japanese basic grammar and sentences. The purpose of this course is to be able to speak simple daily conversation; such as introducing yourself or asking the way to go,etc.;and to develop a better under understannding of Japanese culture.
Goals and objectives
  1. To recognize, articulate, and write Japanese scripts of Hiragana and Katakana.
  2. To be able to conduct simple daily conversation in Japanese.
  3. To make progress in dictating words and simple sentences.
  4. .
Japanese(English accepted)
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. Orientation
Grammar Explanation: Demonstratives
Review: Demonstratives 30minutes
2. ・Review :Demonstratives
・Lesson 1, Lesson 2
Grammar Explanation: based: sentences 1: Non-past Noun- affirmative and negative
Expressions: Daily greetings
Language and Culture Information:Occupation/Hobbies
Review Lesson: 1, Lesson 2 Grammar Hiragana
Preparation: Lesson 1, Lesson 2 Vocabulary
3. ・Review
Lesson 1, Lesson 2
・Lesson 1, Lesson 2
Grammar Explanation :
Demonstratives, 1 Noun-based sentences 1 Non-past affirmative and negative
Expressions:introducing youreself
Review: Lesson 1, Lesson 2 Grammar Hiragana
Preparation: Lesson 3 Vocabulary
4. ・Review
Lesson 1, Lesson 2
・Lesson 2, Lesson 3
Grammar Explanation :Demonstratives 2   
Language and Culture
Information:Campus Map
・Hiragana(3)[Hiragana quiz (1)]
Review: Lesson 2, Lesson 3 Grammar Hiragana
Preparation: Lesson 4 Vocabulary
5. ・Review
Lesson 2, Lesson 3
・Lesson 3
Grammar Explanation:
Demonstratives 3
Expressions: Number/Shopping
・Hiragana(4)[Hiragana quiz (2)]
Review: Lesson 4 Grammar Hiragana
Preparation: Lesson 5 Vocabulary
6. ・Review
Lesson 3
・Lesson 4
Grammar Explanation: Verb-sentences 1(Non-past affirmative and negative ,Verb groups, Masu–form)
Language and Culture Information: Food
・Hiragana(5)[Hiragana quiz (3)]
Review: Lesson 5 Grammar Hiragana
Preparation: Lesson 5 Vocabulary
7. ・Review Lesson 4
・Lesson 5
Grammar Explanation: Verb-sentences 2
(past affirmative and negative, Time expressions, Verb groups)
Language and Culture Information: Martial Arts
・Hiragana test
Review: Lesson Grammar Katakana
Preparation: Lesson 6 Vocabulary
8. ・Review Lesson 5
・Lesson 6
Grammar Explanation :Verb-sentences 3 (Ikimasu/Kimasu/Kaerimasu)
Language and Culture Information: Japanese National Holidays
Expressions: Talking about plans and activities
・Katakana (2) [Katakana quiz (1)]
Review: Lesson 6 Grammar Katakana
Preparation: Lesson 7 Vocabulary
9. ・Review Lesson 6
・Lesson 7 
Grammar Explanation :Adjective-based sentences 1
(Non-past affirmative and negative)
・Katakana (3) [Katakana quiz (2)]
Review: Lesson 7 Grammar Katakana
Preparation: Lesson 7 Vocabulary
10. ・Review Lesson 7: Adjective- ・Review Lesson 7
・Lesson 7 
Grammar Explanation: Adjective-based sentences 2
(Non-past affirmative and negative)
・Katakana (4) [Katakana quiz (3)]
Review: Lesson 7 Grammar Katakana 60minutes
11. ・Review Lesson 7
・Lesson 8
Grammar Explanation: Adjective-based and noun-based sentences (past affirmative and negative)
Language and Culture Information: Annual Events
・Katakana (5) [Katakana quiz (4)]
Review: Lesson 8 Grammar Katakana
Preparation: Lesson 9 Vocabulary
12. ・Review Lesson 8
・Lesson 9
Grammar Explanation :Sentences with the object marked by "ga"
Language and Culture Information: Sports/Movies /Music
・Katakana test
Review: Lesson 9 Grammar Hiragana, Katakana
Preparation for the Tests
13. ・Review Lesson 1-9 Preparation for the Tests 120minutes
14. Tests Review 30minutes
Total. - - 900minutes
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

Homework and quiz Tests Total.
1. 15% 15% 30%
2. 30% 30% 60%
3. 5% 5% 10%
Total. 50% 50% -
Evaluation method and criteria
Homework and quiz 50%
Tests 50%
*Attendance is compulsory
Textbooks and reference materials
"Nihongo Shokyu 1 Daichi" (Main Textbook)
"Nihongo Shokyu 1 Daichi" (Translation and grammar explanation)(English) 
"Self -Study Kana Workbook" (Buying this text book is voluntary)
Applicants of this course are encouraged to learn r the readings of hiragana (あ〜ん) before the course starts.
"Self -Study Kana Workbook"

On the first day of this course you take the placement test. Therefore applicants of this course must attend the first lesson.
Office hours and How to contact professors for questions
  • Jiro Nakano Office Hour:Tuesday 16:45―17:15(Omiya campus),
  • Yoko Hannya Office Hour:Thursday 14:30―15:00 Friday 14:30-15:00(Toyos campus) 
    If you have any guestions , please contact me by e-mail beforehand .
    My email address:
Relation to the environment
Non-environment-related course
Non-regionally-oriented course
Development of social and professional independence
  • Course that cultivates an ability for utilizing knowledge
  • Course that cultivates a basic problem-solving skills
Active-learning course
Most classes are interactive
Course by professor with work experience
Work experience Work experience and relevance to the course content if applicatable
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