Course title
Practice on Design Project 6

SHIGERI Mitsuhiro
Course description
In Product Design Exercise 2, the students learned the process of product design from research to modeling, and in this course students will work with companies to learn more about the practical process of product design. Although this is a practice for product design, students will focus on the user experience and social contribution rather than the product itself.
The difference from Product Design Exercise 2 is as follows.
1. More specific tasks are set according to the actual business situation in the company.
2. The students learn the necessity of consideration of the brand and feasibility of the products with the cooperation of the manufacturer.
3. Given the short time frame of the assignment, the production of realistic prototypes is not mandatory.
4. The students should think what it takes to complete a product story that delivers a new experience for the user besides the given products.
Purpose of class
Develop the ability to set up a concept and translate it into product design, while balancing the given conditions such as the scope of the task, brand restrictions and feasibility considerations. Learn the process by which a designed user experience can lead to product design or other types of design.
Goals and objectives
  1. To be able to accurately identify the needs and problems of the users through research and reflect them in the concept.
  2. To be able to create attractive user experiences and stories.
  3. To be able to create a proposal that treat the restrictions and existing ideas and new ideas with a good balance, and goes beyond them.
  4. To be able to make a effective presentation.
Japanese(English accepted)
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. [Orientation]
- Presentation of the task and process etc.
- Explanation of the market, brand and products (Explanations from collaborating companies are being considered)
Design Research, Related products info. report. 135minutes
2. [Synthesis]
- Market research presentation and brand discussion
- Creation of personas, customer journey maps, etc., to gain a deeper understanding of user and their experiences.
CJM, Persona definition 135minutes
3. [Concept Extraction]
- Extraction and discussion of design concepts
- Creation of concept boards
Concept boards 135minutes
4. [Design ideation]
- Product design ideas
- Product peripheral ideas
More than 20 design ideas 135minutes
5. [Design ideation]
- Product design ideas
- Product peripheral ideas
- Rough modeling
More than 20 design ideas 135minutes
6. [Preparation for the final presentation]
- Building a proposal for the final presentation
- Preparation of final presentation materials
Final presentation materials. 135minutes
7. [Final Presentation]
- Design Presentation & Discussion
(Considering participation of staff from the collaborating company)
Refine the final presentation materials following the discussion. 135minutes
Total. - - 945minutes
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

Final Presentation Total.
1. 20% 20%
2. 35% 35%
3. 35% 35%
4. 10% 10%
Total. 100% -
Evaluation method and criteria
In principle, evaluation will be based on the final presentation.
Textbooks and reference materials
Preliminary research on the product and the market.
Office hours and How to contact professors for questions
  • 30 minutes after the end of the exercise or consult by email.
Non-regionally-oriented course
Development of social and professional independence
  • Course that cultivates an ability for utilizing knowledge
  • Course that cultivates a basic interpersonal skills
  • Course that cultivates a basic problem-solving skills
Active-learning course
Most classes are interactive
Course by professor with work experience
Work experience Work experience and relevance to the course content if applicable
Applicable About 30 years of experience in product design and interface design development for consumer electronics, IT products and industrial equipment. About 10 years of experience in concept extraction, service design development and branding activities.
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