Course title
International Marketing

Course content
Marketing is one of the most important concepts in understanding the modern business. It is an indispensable element for business planning and strategy formulation of all organizations and individuals as well as corporate activities.
Today's technological and societal changes are pushing engineers to acquire not only technical skills but also marketing knowledge.
Therefore, in this course, not only will you learn a wide range of topics from basic marketing knowledge to the latest digital marketing, but you will also be able to acquire practical skills to define and solve today's problem.
Purpose of class
Understand the basic theories and frameworks of marketing so that they can be applied in the real world.
Rather than reading textbooks, we will actively learn how we can apply those to the real business.
Goals and objectives
  1. Understand marketing concepts and basic theories and communicate them in your own words.
  2. Leverage frameworks and tools to analyze markets and competitions.
  3. Can formulate and propose an appropriate marketing plan according to the situation.
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

Participation to the class activities report and presentation Group activities Total.
1. 10% 10% 10% 30%
2. 10% 10% 10% 30%
3. 10% 15% 15% 40%
Total. 30% 35% 35% -
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. (Week 1)
- Guidance

- What is marketing and why it is necessary.

Understand the definition of marketing.
Select any marketing campaign which you were interested in and think about its effect. 120minutes
Review what you learned from the lecture. 70minutes
2. - Origin and evolution of marketing.

Learn how marketing has evolved with economic development.
Pick a case from marketing history and analyse it. 190minutes
3. (Week 2)

Report presentation.

- Marketing Process - Market survey and analysis.

Learn how to get information about markets and customers and how to analyze them.
Search Philip Kotler's theory and its progress. 190minutes
4. - Marketing Process - Corporate vision and SWOT analysis

Understand the importance of corporate vision and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
Make a SWOT analysis on the selected product or service. 190minutes
5. (Week 3)

Report presentation.

- Marketing process - Understanding the market and segmentation.

Learn how to grasp the market and competition surrounding the company, and how to classify the market.
Find a story about the pros and cons of market segmentation. 190minutes
6. - Marketing process - Circumstance and Targeting

Learn how to recognize the external environment and identify the target market.
Consider your own case or interest in line with the introduced case. 190minutes
7. (Week 4)

Report presentation

- Marketing process - Product planning and pricing policy

Learn how to plan products and price policy based on actual examples.
Select a story about product planning. 190minutes
8. - Marketing process - Distribution and Sales Promotion

Learn from the successes and failures of sales promotion and distribution policies.
Create your own plan for the sales promotion using the method you have learned. 190minutes
9. (Week 5)

- Marketing process - Persona and Customer Journey Mapping.

Understand why "persona" is used in marketing and create a customer journey map for the picked-up case.
Study about the customer journey map. 190minutes
10. - Marketing case study

Special Guest Lecture
Review the marketing process from start to finish. 190minutes
11. (Week 6)

Digital Marketing

Learn various digital marketing method and understand how to use those according to the needs.
Select a digital marketing method and learn the pros and cons of its use. 190minutes
12. Preparation for Marketing Plan proposal

Discuss the group theme and build a unique marketing plan.
Think about the possible theme for group work. 190minutes
13. (Week 7)

Preparation for the presentation
Prepare the presentation. 190minutes
14. Presentation

Present the marketing plan.
Evaluate the presentation of other groups.
Discuss how to improve the plan based on the feedback.
Make an individual report on the theme your group selected. 190minutes
Total. - - 2660minutes
Evaluation method and criteria
Participations in the class activities: Listen to the lecture carefully and take an active role in the session.
Report and presentation: The content of the submitted report and presentation in the class is evaluated.
Group activities: How proactively have you participated in the group is evaluated.

Guideline of evaluation
- Meeting basic requirements: 60 points
- Meeting requirements with logical background: 70 points
- Meeting requirements by utilizing knowledge obtained in the course. The presentation is clear with a logical sequence. : 80 points
Feedback on exams, assignments, etc.
ways of feedback specific contents about "Other"
Textbooks and reference materials
No specific textbooks are assigned, but the following are recommended references. Other relevant books and materials will be introduced during the course.

Reference books are as following;
- “Marketing insights from A to Z” Philip Kotler,2003
- “Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit” Philip Kotler, et al.2010
No prior course nor special study is required.
Office hours and How to contact professors for questions
  • Prior appointment by email is recommended.
Regionally-oriented course
Development of social and professional independence
  • Course that cultivates an ability for utilizing knowledge
  • Course that cultivates a basic interpersonal skills
  • Course that cultivates a basic self-management skills
  • Course that cultivates a basic problem-solving skills
Active-learning course
Most classes are interactive
Course by professor with work experience
Work experience Work experience and relevance to the course content if applicable
Applicable The professor has long experience in international sound and music company. The story about the industry, market and new product or service introduction to the market will be given during the course.
Education related SDGs:the Sustainable Development Goals
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