Course title
Programming languages research /Exercise 1

Course content
Students work on their own research topic about programming languages.
Currently many of the students do something about programming tools.
Specific things to do are as follows.
- Participate in the meetings, do presentation
- Survey related work
- Implement systems
- Do experiments
- Do presentation in some workshops, conferences, etc.
- Write master's thesis, do presentation in master's thesis examination
Goals and objectives
  1. Being able to develop programming tools, etc. and achieve something to present in some workshops, etc.
  2. Being able to survey related work
  3. Being able to write academic documents
  4. Being able to present in some workshops, etc.
Japanese(English accepted)
Class schedule
Participate in the meetings and do presentation.
Evaluation method and criteria
Evaluation is the sum of the followings.
Presentation in the meetings are evaluated on a 80-point scale, writing part of master's thesis (related work, etc.) a 5-point, and presentation in workshops, submission of papers to journals, etc. a 15-point.
The overall score is the sum of these points.
If you attend the meetings and make assigned presentations, you will get at least 60 points.
Feedback on exams, assignments, etc.
ways of feedback specific contents about "Other"
Textbooks and reference materials
Nothing in particular
Nothing in particular
Office hours and How to contact professors for questions
  • In the meetings
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Development of social and professional independence
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Active-learning course
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Work experience Work experience and relevance to the course content if applicable
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