Course title
Introduction to Transportation Systems

Course description
This lecture is an introductory course designed to provide students with a wide range of fundamental knowledge concerning transportation systems. Students will learn various aspects of transportation, including the components of transportation systems, transportation statistical data, basic principles of transportation planning, and emerging technologies in the context of transportation, etc.
Purpose of class
This class aims to endow students with essential knowledge in the field of transportation, which helps them understand the essence and significance of the accumulated solutions and techniques to real-world transportation issues and equips them with necessary tools for future issues finding and solving.
Goals and objectives
  1. Students can acquire a broad spectrum of fundamental knowledge related to transportation systems
  2. Students can understand the interaction among transportation with human activity, society, and sustainability
  3. Students can learn the emerging technologies applied in the context of transportation
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

report 1 report 2 report 3 Class discussion Total.
1. 10% 10% 20% 20% 60%
2. 5% 5% 5% 5% 20%
3. 5% 5% 5% 5% 20%
4. 0%
Total. 20% 20% 30% 30% -
Evaluation method and criteria
Class discussion: 30%
Report: 70%
60% or higher required for passing.
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. Course guidance: Transportation and human activities Review the handouts 60minutes
2. Components of transportation systems Review the handouts 60minutes
3. Public transportation systems Review the handouts 60minutes
4. Transportation statistical data: Recent trend in transportation survey Review the handouts 60minutes
5. Basic principles of transportation planning: Travel demand forecasting models Review the handouts 60minutes
6. Transportation demand management (TDM) Review the handouts 60minutes
7. Introduction to transportation engineering Review the handouts 60minutes
Submit a middle-term report (report 1) 90minutes
8. Transportation, safety, and sustainability Review the handouts 60minutes
9. Transportation project appraisal: Cost-benefit approach Review the handouts 60minutes
10. Transportation and urban development: Transit-oriented development (TOD) Review the handouts 60minutes
11. Transportation information: a field trip to the Tokyo Traffic Control Center Review the handouts 60minutes
Submit a report (report 2) 60minutes
12. Transportation and ICT: Emerging technologies in the context of transportation Review the handouts 60minutes
13. Special lecture by an invited speaker Review the handouts 60minutes
14. Final report Submit the final report (report 3) 120minutes
Total. - - 1050minutes
Feedback on exams, assignments, etc.
ways of feedback specific contents about "Other"
Textbooks and reference materials
Handouts will be distributed in the class.
Office hours and How to contact professors for questions
  • Before and after the class.
    Please send an email if there are any questions.
Regionally-oriented course
Development of social and professional independence
  • Course that cultivates an ability for utilizing knowledge
  • Course that cultivates a basic self-management skills
Active-learning course
About half of the classes are interactive
Course by professor with work experience
Work experience Work experience and relevance to the course content if applicable
Education related SDGs:the Sustainable Development Goals
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