Course title
Maintenance of Steel Structures

Course description
Many types of deterioration in steel structures have been reported and maintenance works is currently urgent issue in Japan. Since the numerous number of deterioration cases have been reported, not only continuous maintenance works but also the developments of effective inspection and repair methods are needed. In this course, professor first gives the information about deterioration cases in steel bridge structures and their mechanism. Then, information of inspection and repair methods including newly developed technology will be given to the students.
Purpose of class
The purpose of this class to understand the current situation of infrastructures in Japan, especially steel bridge structures. Then, students understand how to solve these detrioration problems in the design and maintenance stages through the classes about design and maintenance skills and actual maintence works.
Goals and objectives
  1. Students understand current health conditions of infrastructures in Japan, especially steel bridge structures.
  2. Students understand the mechanism of fatigue and corrosion in steel bridge structures
  3. Students get knowledges about inspection and maintenance methods
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

Final report Total.
1. 30% 30%
2. 50% 50%
3. 20% 20%
Total. 100% -
Evaluation method and criteria
Evaluation will be made by final report
Score over 60% will be passed.
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. Introduction
Information of deterioration cases of steel bridge structures
N/A 0minutes
2. Lessons of mechanism of fatigue and corrosion in steel bridge structures Take a walk around university of student home and find out the deteriorated steel structures. 180minutes
Think about the reason why the deterioration student find occur. 30minutes
3. Lessons of joints in steel members, namely bolt connection and welded joints Understand bolt connection and weld connection 30minutes
4. Lessons of durability design of steel bridge structures Understand mechanism of deterioration and what we do focus in durability design stages 120minutes
5. Lessons of inspection method Think about what kinds of information are needed for judging health condition and plan effective countermeasures 120minutes
6. Lessons of repair and retrofit methods Think about what we should do after we conduct the repair and retrofit works, and how we can do. 120minutes
7. Final Report Homeworks---Final report 300minutes
Total. - - 900minutes
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