Course title
Introduction to Industrial Design

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Course description
Based on design perspective and design thinking, students will learn about industrial design procedures and basic methods with small practice.
This course provides an overview of industrial design. To understand industrial design critically, student should have the view point of design history, material culture and user centered design. Based on this criteria, introducing the structured method to analyze industrial design process.
Purpose of class
This course aims to give an overview of the history, function, and actual of industrial design, deepen understanding of its pluralistic functions and meanings.
Goals and objectives
  1. Understand the necessity of man - machine system through modern design history and design survey.
  2. Understanding the significance of design in society, we will be able to choose the way to evaluate design appropriately.
  3. Understand the methods of industrial design and become able to use technical terms properly.
Relationship between 'Goals and Objectives' and 'Course Outcomes'

Final Report Quiz Total.
1. 0% 10% 10%
2. 30% 20% 50%
3. 20% 20% 40%
Total. 50% 50% -
Class schedule

Class schedule HW assignments (Including preparation and review of the class.) Amount of Time Required
1. Introduction
- Confirmation of syllabus
- How to find the E-textbook in SIT library
- Classification of design
- What is "Design"? Why design?
Historical and cultural context 1
- The Industrial revolution / the Great Reform movements
[Preparation] Textbook p1-18 30minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
[HW] Three idea sketches for "Breakfast tray" 150minutes
2. Historical and cultural context 2
- Modernism to pre-war luxury and power
[Preparation] Textbook p19-29 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 60minutes
[HW]Design survey - Take breakfast photo (or movie) everyday 30minutes
3. Historical and cultural context 3
- The post-war period / Post-Modernism
[Preparation] Textbook p30-54 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
[HW] Words for mind map 150minutes
4. Research, brief and specification 1
- Product design research / research methods/ the brief /Identifying customer wants, needs and demands
- Criteria for high quality design
[Preparation] Textbook p55-66 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
[HW] Complete mind map 150minutes
5. Research, brief and specification 2
- The product Design Specification (PDS) / Common elements of the PDS
- Breakdown into the elements / QFD
[Preparation] Textbook p67-76 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
[HW] explain your "breakfast tray" on p.59 Function analysis 150minutes
6. Concept design 1
- What is a concept design? / Concept generation / Concept generation methods
- Concept generation
[Preparation] Textbook p77-82 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
[HW] 20 idea sketches
Do not think too much, just draw
7. Concept design 2
- Drawing techniques fo product design / Modeling / Prototyping
- Idea development / Effect of visualizing - sketch
- Idea sketch
[Preparation] Textbook p83-95 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
[HW] Breakdown structure 150minutes
8. Concept design 3
- Modelling and rapid prototyping
- Design review
- Evaluations for design
[Preparation] Textbook p98-106 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
9. From manufacture to market 1
- Detail design / Design and manufacture / Common materials / Manufacturing process
- Disposal, eco
- Form and Shape, Effect of changing shapes
[Preparation] Textbook p.108-166 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
10. From manufacture to market 2
- Materials
- Consumer, distributor, producer
- Form and Shape
- Effect of changing shapes
- Expression of materials
[Preparation] Textbook p.108-166 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
11. From manufacture to market 3
- Plastics
- Finding the parting lines
[Preparation] Textbook p.108-166 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
12. From manufacture to market 4
- Targeting
- Distribution control
- Package
- Advertising
- Advertising / AIDMA
[Preparation] Textbook p.108-166 60minutes
[Review]Quiz 30minutes
13. Contemporary issues 1
- Green issues
[Preparation] Textbook p.167-200 60minutes
[Review]Report 240minutes
14. Contemporary issues 2
- Inclusive design
- Emotional design
[Preparation] Textbook p.167-200 60minutes
[Review]Report 240minutes
Total. - - 2610minutes
Evaluation method and criteria
Quiz 50%, Final report 50%
criteria Explain textbook Glossary (p230-232) 60%
Feedback on exams, assignments, etc.
ways of feedback specific contents about "Other"
Feedback in the class
Textbooks and reference materials
Alex Milton and Paul Rodgers, Product Design
EBOOK ISBN9781780670850

Reference materials[SIT Lib. e-book]
1) Marilyn DeLong and Barbara Martinson : Color and Design, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC(2013) [SIT Lib. e-book]
2) Alex Milton and Paul Rodgers : Product Design, Laurence King Publishing(2011) [SIT Lib. e-book]
3) Abbie Griffin, Charles H. Noble, Serdar S. Durmusoglu, Michael I. Luchs, and Scott Swan : Design Thinking : New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated(2015) [SIT Lib. e-book]
4) Sparke, Penny Routledge: An Introduction to Design and Culture : 1900 to the Present, Routledge(2013)[SIT Lib. e-book]
5) Patricia Graham ; Japanese Design : Art, Aesthetics & Culture, Tuttle Publishing(2014)[SIT Lib. e-book]
6) Waldemar Karwowski, Marcelo Marcio Soares, and Neville A. Stanton: Human Factors and Ergonomics in Consumer Product Design : Methods and Techniques, Handbook of Human Factors in Consumer Product Design Ser.(2011)[SIT Lib. e-book]
7) Michael Siebenbrodt and Lutz Schöbe : Bauhaus, Parkstone International(2012)[SIT Lib. e-book]
8) Mienke Simon Thomas : Dutch Design - A History, Reaktion Books, Limited(2008)[SIT Lib. e-book]
9) Design : History, Theory and Practice of Product Design, [SIT Lib. e-book] ProQuest Ebook Central

Reference materials
1) 101 Design Methods : a structured approach for driving innovation in your organization / Vijay Kumar
2) Product Design and Development / Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger -- McGraw-Hill Education; 6 edition , 2015
3) Beautiful thing : an introduction to design / Robert Clay , Oxford ; New York, NY : Berg , 2009
5)高山 靖子 (著),‎ 亀井 暁子 (著),‎ 高瀬 奈美 (著),‎ 服部 守悦 (著) DESIGN ENGLISH、(株)南雲堂 2016
6)Gerhard Heufler: Design Basics From Ideas to Products, Arthur Niggli (2004), ISBN-13: 978-3721205312
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